A few years on from her dismissal from White Zombie, New York City underground fixture Sean Yseult (bass) began collaborating with former Man Scouts of America singer Rik Slave; and when the couple relocated to New Orleans in late 2002, the seeds of Rock City Morgue were sown. Teaming up with locals Johnny Brashear (guitar) and Keith Hajjar (drums), they proceeded to channel their grimy Lower East Side musical experiences through the soggy decrepitude of their new bayou surroundings -- eventually concocting a unique and often humorous gothic rock sound. That sense of humor became evident with their 2003 EP Some Ghouls, which parodied the Rolling Stones' Some Girls by replacing the female headshots with those of famous movie monsters (Dracula, Wolfman, etc.), and for their first full album proper, 2005's Dead Man's Song, Rock City Morgue went back to their New York roots by calling upon producer Daniel Rey (Ramones, Iggy Pop, etc.) and former Zombie associate J. for assistance