News item 10-18-08

Scum of the Earth is a heavy metal band. They have produced two albums. The band formed in 2003 when Rob Zombie set aside his music career, focusing on writing and directing movies. During this time, Mike Riggs and John Tempesta formed Scum of the Earth.

The band name may have been inspired by the Rob Zombie song, also called Scum of the Earth released in 2000, since Tempesta's reason for forming this group was to continue making Rob Zombie-style music despite Rob's focus on filmmaking.

Another inspiration for the band's name may have been the classic TV series "WKRP in Cincinnati". It's fourth episode, "Hoodlum Rock", originally broadcast on October 9, 1978, features a British punk group called "Scum of the Earth", whose members turn out to be extremely well-dressed but also extremely violent.